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Follower of Robert Campin
Madonna and Child with Saints in the Enclosed Garden

c. 1440/1460
oil on panel
painted surface: 119.8 x 148.5 cm (47 3/16 x 58 7/16 in)
A church in Bruges. [1] Imbert de Mottelettes, Bruges, by 1831. [2] Jonkheer de Potter-Soenens, Ghent, by 1839. [3] Countess de Oudemard. [4] (Wildenstein and Co., New York), 1946-1949; purchased June 1949 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [5] gift 1959 by exchange to NGA. [1] According to J.D. Passavant, Kunstreise durch England und Belgien (Frankfurt-am-Main, 1833), 349. [2] Passavant saw the picture on his journey through England and Belgium in 1831. [3] F.A. Spyers, "Beschryving van twee merkwaerdige Schilderyen uit de School der Gebroeders Van Eyck," Belgisch Museum voor der Nederduitsche Tael- en Letterkunde en de Geschiedenis des Vaderlands (Ghent, 1839), 188. Shortly after entering the De Potter-Soenens collection, the picture was cleaned and disfiguring overpaint, which had caused Passavant to consider it a pre-Eyckian tempera painting, was removed; see J.D. Passavant, "Beiträge zur Kenntniss der altniederländischen Malerschulen bis zur Mitte des sechzehnten Jahrhunderts," Kunst-Blatt 55 (1843), 230, and Georg Kasper Nagler, Die Monogrammisten, 5 vols. (Munich and Leipzig, 1858), I: I, no. 1. The first of these references was offered by Lorne Campbell. [4] According to William E. Suida, Paintings and Sculpture from the Kress Collection Acquired by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation 1945-1951, Washington, D.C., 1951: 168, no. 74. [5] The Wildenstein invoice to the Kress Foundation for 16 items, including this painting, is dated 23 June 1949 (copy in NGA curatorial files). The painting is described as "Madonna and Child with saints" by Master of Flemalle.
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