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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
Marcotte d'Argenteuil

oil on canvas
93.7 x 69.4 cm (36 7/8 x 27 5/16 in)
Charles-Marie-Jean-Baptiste Marcotte d'Argenteuil [1773-1864], Paris; his son, Joseph Marcotte d'Argenteuil [1831-1893]; his wife, née Paule Aguillon [d. 1922], by 1911; [1] her daughter, Mme. Marcel Pougin de la Maisonneuve, née Elizabeth Marcotte [d. 1939]. [2] Private collection, London. [3] (Wildenstein & Co., New York); sold June 1949 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [4] gift 1952 to NGA. [1] Henry Lapauze, Ingres, sa vie et son oeuvre (1780-1867) d'après documents inédites, Paris, 1911: 95. [2] Hans Naef, Die Bildniszeichnungen von J.-A.-D. Ingres, 5 vols., Bern, 1977-1980: II:503-533, describes the inheritance of the Marcotte family portrait collection as follows: When Marie Legentil died without children in 1920, her entire collection was bequeathed to her niece, daughter of her brother Joseph, Mme Marcel Pougin de la Maisonneuve, née Elizabeth Marcotte. When Mme Pougin de la Maisonneuve died in 1939, she left her collection divided between her two daughters, Geneviève de Laporte and Marie-Louise Chavane, and in trust for her grandson, François-Louis (son of her deceased son). Naef cannot account for the disposition of specific works. [3] Wildenstein & Co. letter, dated 12 January 1961, in NGA curatorial files. [4] The Wildenstein invoice to the Kress Foundation for 16 items, including this painting, is dated 23 June 1949 (copy in NGA curatorial files).
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