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Hans Baldung Grien
Saint Anne with the Christ Child, the Virgin, and Saint John the Baptist

c. 1511
oil on hardboard, transferred from panel
painted surface: 87 x 75 cm (34 1/4 x 29 1/2 in)
Church of the Order of Saint John in Jerusalem, Grünen Wörth, near Strasbourg, c. 1511 until probably c. 1633, and later in the Order's church in the cloister of Saint Marx, Strasbourg, probably c. 1687 until at least 1741. [1] Village church, Alsace; acquired shortly after 1870 by Dr. Georges-Joseph Wimpfen [d. 1879], Colmar; by inheritance to his daughter, Marie Emélie Jeanne Siben [d. 1951], Paris and Zimmerbach, near Colmar. [2] (Fritz Frankhausen, Basel), 1952; [3] (Rosenberg & Stiebel, New York), by 1953; purchased 1953 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; gift 1961 to NGA. [1] Gert von der Osten. "Ein Altar des Hans Baldung Grien aus dem Jahre 1511 -- und eine Frage nach verschollenen Werken des Malers." Zeitschrift des deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft 31 (1977), 52-53, cites two sets of documents. The first, Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg, no. H2158, are records of payment in the accounts of the Order of Saint John, under the heading, "Uff die Kirch": "It. X G(ulden) meister Hans baldung dem maler vff die tafel zu malen. It. XIIII G(ulden) meister Hans baldung dem maler von dem fur altar zu malen." The second, Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg, no. H2232, is the 1741 manuscript by "F. Francisco Josepho Ignatio Goetzman, Ermelten Hausses Custode,"Inventarium über Alle des Ritterlichen St. Johann Ordens Hauses in Strassburg Custorey-oder Kirchen Schatz, page 149, no. 26: "Item Ein gleiche, worauf S. Anna B. V. und S. Johannes Bapt. pelle indutus in erwaxenem alter, auch in der Sacristy ober dem Kirchfass." The second inventory (1741) describes three separate paintings as hanging in the sacristy of the church and these can be convincingly identified with The Mass of Saint Gregory (Cleveland Museum of Art), the Saint John on Patmos (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), and the Saint Anne with the Christ Child, the Virgin, and Saint John the Baptist (NGA). These three paintings were originally part of a larger alterpiece, which was probably dismantled in the 1630's, during the disruption at Grünen Wörth. It needs to be pointed out that during the Thirty Years' War the order at Strasbourg lost its buildings and in 1633 the church in Grünen Wörth was pulled down, and its contents apparently put in storage. In 1687 the order moved into the cloister of Saint Marx in Strasbourg where it remained until the French Revolution. [2] François-Georges Pariset. "Deux Oeuvres inédites de Baldung Grien." Gazette des Beaux-Arts 6e per. 11 (1934), 13-14; Christian Heck, Musée d'Unterlinden, Colmar, letter of 10 June 1985 to Guy Bauman, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, copy in NGA curatorial files, is the source for full names and death dates. [3] Gert von der Osten. Hans Baldung Grien. Gemälde und Dokumente. (Berlin, 1983), 68; memorandum by Guy Bauman in NGA curatorial files, of telephone conversation, 3 June 1985, with Gerald Stiebel.
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