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Milanese 16th Century
The Man of Sorrows

early 16th century
29.5 x 25.4 cm (11 5/8 x 10 in)
Solari, Cristoforo, 1468-1527
Count Giovanni Battista Lucini Passalaqua [d. 1890], Milan; (his sale, foyer of La Scala Theater, Milan, by Giulio Sambon, 14-18 and 20-21 April 1885, 3rd day, no. 100); [1] Gustave Dreyfus [1837-1914], Paris; his estate; purchased 1930 with the entire Dreyfus collection by (Duveen Brothers, Inc., London, New York, and Paris); purchased 1940 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [2] gift 1961 to NGA. [3] [1] The sculpture is illustrated in the Passalaqua sale catalogue, so it appears there is no doubt that it was included in this collection. Duveen Sculpture in Public Collections of America, New York, 1944: no. 173, does not list the 1885 sale and instead gives the name of Louis-Charles Timbal prior to Dreyfus' name in the provenance. Ulrich Middeldorf, Complete Catalogue of the Samuel H. Kress Collection: European Sculptures XIV-XIX Century, 1976: 59, lists the provenance as Passalaqua, Timbal, Dreyfus, Duveen, Kress, with reference to the 1944 Duveen publication as his source for the Timbal name. However, Timbal died in 1880, five years prior to the Passalaqua sale, so if he did own the sculpture as Duveen and Middeldorf indicate, it would have been prior to Passalaqua. [2] The Kress purchase date is given in Middeldorf 1976, 59. [3] The sculpture was part of the 1943 Kress Foundation gift to NGA (A-66 in old accession number format; 1943.4.91 in current accession number format). In 1952 it was de-accessioned and returned to the Kress Foundation as part of a larger exchange between NGA and the Foundation. In 1961 the sculpture was given again to NGA by the Kress Foundation.
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