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Bernardo Bellotto and Workshop
View of Munich

c. 1761
oil on canvas
69.2 x 119.8 cm (27 1/4 x 47 3/16 in)
Private collection, Saxony. [1] Possibly (Sabin, London); sold 1928 to (Karl Haberstock, Berlin), possibly until 1936. [2] Acquired during World War II by Dr. Gustav Mez, Switzerland; [3] (Rosenberg and Stiebel, New York); purchased 1951 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; gift 1961 to NGA.

[1] A photograph of the painting in the Witt Library, London, is inscribed on the reverse with the information that the painting was once in the collection of Augustus III, elector of Saxony.
[2] Karl Haberstock appears to have handled two Bellotto views of Munich: the Gallery version and one which was sold to the Sonderauftrag Linz, processed through the Munich Central Collecting Point (no. 7573) in 1945, transferred in 1949 to the German government, and sent to the Auswärtig Amt in 1962 (see photocopies from the Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, in NGA curatorial files). One of the Bellottos was acquired by Haberstock from Sabin in London in 1928 (see photocopies from Haberstock-archiv in NGA curatorial files), and at least one was still in his possession as of 1936, per Hellmuth Allwill Fritzsche, Bernardo Bellotto, genannt Canaletto, Burg-bei-Magdeburg, 1936: 116.
[3] According to Saemy Rosenberg (letter of 7 December 1955 in NGA curatorial files), the painting was acquired by Mez from a Dresden collection during World War II. It is, however, possible that both this painting and its companion (NGA 1961.9.63) were acquired by Gustav Mez in 1929, when the third painting of the group (replicas of the originals in the electoral palace painted for Elector Maximilian III Joseph) was sold.
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