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Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Wealth and Benefits of the Spanish Monarchy under Charles III

oil on canvas
181.8 x 104.3 cm (71 9/16 x 41 1/16 in)
Possibly by inheritance from the artist to a niece who married Pagliano, perhaps the painter Eleuterio Pagliano [1826-1903]; possibly purchased in Venice by Edward Cheney [1803-1884],[1] London, after 1860 at Badger Hall, Shropshire; [2] possibly by inheritance to his brother-in-law, Colonel Alfred Capel-Cure [1826-1896]; by inheritance to his nephew, Francis Capel-Cure [1854-1933], Badger Hall, Shropshire. [3] (Count Alessandro Contini-Bonacossi, Florence); [4] purchased 26 June 1935 by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [5] gift 1943 to NGA.

[1] Eduard Sack, Giambattista und Domenico Tiepolo. Ihr Leben und Ihre Werke, Hamburg, 1910: 223, gives this information from Francis Capel-Cure, who had inherited Cheney's collection. Sack gives only Pagliano's last name. While no documentation has been located, this account appears to be corroborated by the stipulations of Giandomenico Tiepolo's will of 1795, published by G. M. Urbani de Gheltof, Tiepolo e la sua famiglia. Note e documenti inediti, Venice, 1879: 70-75. This document established a fideicommissum, including "modelli" and "quadri," that was to pass to Francesco Antonio Tiepolo, son of Giambattista's brother, and thereafter to Francesco Antonio's children. If the paintings did pass to Francesco Antonio's children, one of them would have been the niece (or more properly grandniece) of Giambattista, said by Capel-Cure to have married Pagliano. Urbani de Gheltof 1879, 38, 97, recounts, however, that the drawings and sketches from Giandomenico's collection (but perhaps only some of them) passed to various heirs after the death of Giandomenico's wife and brother, and were eventually sold by the dealer Luigi Rizzoli of Padua to a rich Frenchman who still owned them in 1879.
[2] Gustav Waagen, Galleries and Cabinets of Art in Great Britain, London, 1857: 173, noted that Cheney had a collection of nineteen sketches for ceilings executed for churches in Venice, and 171, that Cheney acquired most of his collection while resident in Venice. On Cheney see George Knox, Catalogue of the Tiepolo Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1960: 4-5.
[3] Sack 1910: 139, 223, lists Francis Capel-Cure as the owner.
[4] See note 5.
[5] The bill of sale (copy in NGA curatorial files) was for seven paintings and a number of decorative art objects; the provenance is given as "From the Collection of Sig. Paliano, husband of Tiepolo's niece. From the Capel Cure Family, Badger Hall, England."
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