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Girolamo di Benvenuto
Saint Catherine of Siena Exorcising a Possessed Woman

about 1505
tempera on panel
31.4 x 55.8 cm (12-1/4 x 21-7/8 in)
Count Roger de Blives [1896-1915], Paris by 1914. [1] (René Gimpel, Paris and New York) by c. 1929; [2] probably acquired in early 1939 by (Volterra, Florence and London) for (Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi [1878-1955] Rome-Florence); [3] sold to Samuel H. Kress [1863-1955] on 1 September 1939; gift to the National Gallery of Art in 1943; deaccessioned 1952 and returned to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation; gift 1961 to Denver Art Museum, no.1961.171. [1] First published by F. M. Perkins in Rassegna d'Arte Antica e Moderna, vol. I, 1914, p. 168, as in de Blives collection. De Blives death date per L'Express du Midi, 21 June 1915. [2] Published in Collections René Gimpel : tableaux et sculptures (Art ancien), Paris, Edition "Les Arts," c. 1929. [3] According Gimpel's business diary at the Archives of American Art (microfilm reel 418), the Girolamo was the subject of extended negotiations in late 1937 with the dealer d'Atri, who sometimes worked with Contini. In October 1938 Kress himself is shown the Girolamo; in January 1939 it is shown to the dealer Volterra, who often sold to Contini. Shortly thereafter Volterra is noted as being at "chez Bellesi, London." Giuseppi Bellesi often acquired pictures in London for Contini. There are no further mentions of the Girolamo in the business diary. It is sold to Kress by Contini later in 1939. An annotation on a photo mount at the Witt Library in London mentions Robert Langton Douglas [1864-1951], a dealer who also worked with Bellesi.
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