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Piero di Cosimo
Saint John the Evangelist

oil on panel
82.6x 59.1 cm (32-3/4 x 23-1/4 in)
Thomas Humphrey Ward [1845-1926], London, by 1909. [1] (Charles Sedelmeyer, Paris, France) by 1913. [2] (Kleinberger, New York) in 1917. [3] Harold Irving Pratt [1877-1939], New York, by 1931. [4] (Wildenstein, New York); sold to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation on 30 October 1947; gift to Honolulu Academy of Arts (now Honolulu Museum of Art) in 1961, no. 2989.1. [1] Tancred Borenius, in Crowe and Cavalcaselle, History of Painting in Italy, vol. VI, 1914: 48 [2] Exhibited at Sedelmeyer, Paintings by the Old Masters, 1913, no. 36 as Piero di Cosimo. [3] Exhibited at F. Kleinberger's New York, Italian Primitives, November 1917, no. 34. Harold Irving Pratt lent a few pictures to that same exhibition, so it's possible that he acquired this one from Kleinberger at that time. [4] Raimond van Marle, The Develpment of the Italian Schools of Painting, The Hague, 1923-1938, volume XIII (1931): 369.
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