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Imitator of Rembrandt van Rijn
Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac

second half of the 17th century-18th century
oil on canvas
183.6 x 132.8 cm (72-1/4 x 51-7/8 in)
Richard Paton; (his sale, Christie's London, 30 March 1792, no. 27). J.H. Cremer [d. 1886], Brussels. [1] Sir Frederick Lucas Cook [1844-1920], 2nd Bart, Doughty House, Surrey, England; by inheritance to Sir Herbert Frederick Cook [1868-1939], 3rd Bart. Doughty House; by inheritance to his son, Sir Francis Ferdinand Maurice Cook, 4th bt. [1907-1978], Doughty House. (Count Alessandro Contini Bonacossi [1878-1955], Rome-Florence); sold to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation on 10 March 1949 as Attributed to Rembrandt; gift to the Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri in 1961, n. 61.83. [1] This is possibly J. H. Cremer, whose collection was sold in two parts in Amsterdam, on 26 October 1886 and 21 June 1887. Although the painting is not included in either sale, part two consisted of a large number of paintings, mostly Dutch and Flemish, so it's possible Cremer owned this painting and had sold it at an earlier date.
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