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Maestro Bartolomé
The Entry into Jerusalem

oil on panel
154.9 x 110.5 cm (61 x 43-1/2 in)
Original commission by Cathedral of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain, from 1488-1879; Jose Fallola, Madrid. [1] Probably sold by (John Charles Robinson [1824-1913]); to Sir Francis Cook, 1st Bart. [1817-1901], Doughty House, Surrey, England, in 1882; by inheritance to Sir Frederick Lucas Cook, 2nd Bart. [1844-1920], Doughty House; by inheritance to Sir Herbert Frederick Cook, 3rd Bart. [1868-1939], Doughty House; by inheritance to Sir Francis Ferdinand Maurice Cook, 4th Bart. [1907-1978], Doughty House. Possibly (Thomas Agnew & Sons, London), in 1952. (M. Knoedler & Co., London); sold to Samuel H. Kress [1863-1955] on 28 January 1954; gift to University of Arizona Museum of Art in 1961, no. 1961.013.031. [1] See "Fernando Gallego and his workshop. The Altarpiece from Ciudad Rodrigo," Meadows Museum, 2008, pp. 21-22. Jose Fallola was the manager of the Hotel de Paris in Madrid, an establishment still operating in Calle de Alcala in Madrid, where John Charles Robinson, a former South Kensington Museum curator-turned dealer, stayed while acquiring items for private English collectors. In 1882, the 26 panels were acquired by Sir Francis Cook, who removed them to Doughty House in Richmond. Although Robinson's records mention only ten panels, it is likely that he bought all 26 surviving panels for Cook, one of Robinson's most important and long standing clients. By 1950 all 26 were with Knoedler's in NY which sold them on Cook's behalf to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation in 1954.
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