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North Italian 14th Century
Costume Ornament with Profile Portrait

c. 1380/1400
repoussé silver, gilded and translucent enamel, attached to a strip of velvet
Decorative art
disk diameter: 3.9 cm (1 9/16 in)
Reportedly Trivulzio collection, Milan; (Count Alessandro Contini-Bonacossi, Florence); purchased by 1937 or 1939 by Samuel H. Kress, New York,[1] as Sienese, c. 1500; gift 27 February 1950 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, New York; [2] gift 1961 to NGA. [1] A letter from A. M. Hind to John Walker, 12 June 1951, states that Hind first heard (from Alfred Frankfurter, editor of The Art News) of the Trivulzio nielli, with which this enamel was acquired, in Kress's hands in 1937. Marie-Madeleine Gauthier, in a letter to Alison Luchs of 25 June 1984, mentions a sale of the Trivulzio collection in London, 6 June 1939; no catalogue has been located. [2] Deposition by Herbert L. Spencer, executive director, Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 21 August 1956, in the secretary-general counsel's office files, National Gallery of Art, Kress no. 0-150/1-9.
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